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FillPerfect is a program designed to auto-complete different forms
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“FillPerfect” is the software that helped me a lot when I was hunting for jobs. Thanks to this tool, I didn’t have to spend endless hours filling out job applications: with just a few clicks, I finished the job using the “AutoFill” option. “FillPerfect” is an automatic tool and it is so intelligent that it knows exactly what information to select and where to put it.

This utility woks not only for job hunting, but also for everything that implies filling out forms. I like the fact that I can choose from a lot of options such as: filling out the entire page, filling in job expertise in a certain field, or filling in specific fields (personal information, work experience, education, references, etc). The program can also undo everything. Another nice feature is the one that allows me to fill out the information on other people, not only myself. So I can use “FillPerfect” for all the members of my family and even for my friends, if they happen to need such a tool. I only have to fill out the info in the program itself, and then it can paste it anywhere.

I really enjoy this tool and I would recommend it to everybody who wants to save time in these situations.

Alex Vince
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  • It encrypts sensitive information such as credit card number and social security number


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